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Report of the 3rd CARIBBEAN WORKSHOP of the Churches of Christ

Aruba 23-26 February 2000

    The 1st Caribbean Workshop began in 1998 in Nevis. The 2nd was in Puerto Rico in 1999. And now the 3rd in Aruba in 2000. Aruba has participated for the first time in Puerto Rico. There they chose Aruba for the 3rd Caribbean Workshop. The rules were: NOT to compete with the Caribbean Lectureship (which exist around 40 years already). But to unit the native Caribbean Christians and specially to encourage the native Caribbean preachers in their work. So, we have done our best looking only for native Caribbean speakers. Doing this nobody can say that we are in competition with the Caribbean Lectureship. In our last Caribbean Workshop in Aruba, we decided to begin with a goal for the Caribbean. The goal for 2000 is to establish the Church of Christ on the Islands where there are none. We decided to begin with Saba, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Bonaire. If you know some other Island that has no Church of Christ , let us know. The 4th Caribbean Workshop will be held in Antigua the 21 - 24 of February 2001.  The Caribbean Workshop will always be held in February, so you can plan your vacation. Remember, Antigua is very beautiful and is also a tourist Island and... we will encourage one a other.


    * Brother Denzil Roberts (evangelist in St. Kitts-Nevis), has the gift of evangelizing. He is a man of conviction. He is a serious student of the word of God and a serious teacher. His way of teaching illustrates the simplicity of the New Testament Doctrine. Brother Denzil has a very simple way of communicating and helps you to be convinced of the Word of God, thereby increasing your faith. This man creates in his audience the desire to always be filled with the everlasting words of life from the Gospel of Jesus. The Spirit works mightily in him to edify all those in his congregation in Nevis. In his studies according to the topic: "COMMUNICATION WITHIN THE LOCAL CONGREGATION".

(1). The definition of the communication: (A) A means of transferring of communication. B) Share: (Galatians 6:6; Phillipians 4:4. 
(2). Communication is vital: (A) Romans 10:14; Acts 10:5;8:31; Nehemiah 8:7. (B) It is not a merely (B1) Inform. (B2) Display ability. (C) Acts. 24:25; 26:28; 8:12; 2:37; John 7:46. (D) It makes some: Mad, Sad, Glad.
(3). Communication should have an impact (A) Core of communication - Jesus. Acts. 8:35; 2 Timothy 4:1-4; 2 Thessalonians 2:10, 11; John 8:32; Romans 1:16. (B) We can change methods: Internet, TV., Radio, Style..., but NEVER the Message. 
(4). Ingredient for successful communication (A) Passion (Jeremiah 20:9) (B) Concern (John 11:35,36). "People do not care what we know until they know how much we care". (C) Lifestyle: The message is important, but so also is the Messenger. (Acts. 1:1; Daniel 6:4,5; Acts. 24:13; Acts. 8:6). Compare Acts. 19:13-15.

    Conclusion: We are the vital means of Communication between the local congregation and understanding of God's Word. To a large extend, they are depending on us. Let's Communicate Jesus and NOT our selves. To reform and not merely inform. Let's do our best, but keep Romans 2:21,22 focused. Else we will blaspheme God's name. Romans 2:24. The e-mail of brother Roberts is robliz@caribsurf.com .

    * Brother Leroy Smith from St. Thomas (evangelist in Puerto Rico) has the gift of exhorting. Leroy is a man that has imparted much influence on the preachers and leaders, especially the young ones. His ability to personalize his messages when preaching and speaking leaves no one neither tired nor bored during his messages. You will find no one missing a beat, talking or murmuring or sleeping during his sermons! Brother Leroy is like Nathan in the New Testament, full of truth and with no hidden agendas! Brother Leroy's fiery presentations leave vivid memories of the themes he shared with us. He is dearly loved in the Caribbean for his concern and love for the brethren in all the churches. He had the topic, "COMMUNICATION IN THE FAMILY". 

(1). Responsibility: (Deuteronomy 6:3-7) Teach and Train: (A) To cause to grow - Vine on a fence. (B) To form by instruction, discipline, or drill. C) To become/prepare of a test of skill (by exercise).
(2). Telling, Teaching and training! Is there a difference between the three? (A) Door: Please, don't slam the door. Tell. (B) Why? Teach. (C) Slamming: Outside gently close 10 or more times. Train.
(3). Training: (A) Knowledge: Goal. (B) Time: 2 Corinthians 12:14-15. (C) Patience: 1 Thessalonians 5:14.
(4). Respect: (A) Parents should respect each other (1 Peter 3:1-13; Proverbs 31:11-12,28). (B) Father: Respect, Honor, Glory, Praise the MOTHER of his children (1 Peter 3:7-13[8]). Compassion, love as brethren, pitiful, courteous (Proverbs 31:28) - Praise. (C) Mother: Needs to respect the FATHER (Ephesians 5:33) - Let the wife see to it that she respect her husband (1 Peter 3:1-6) - Your chaste and respected behavior. (D) Children: Should respect their parents (Ephesians 6:1-3) - Children, 'obey' 'honor' your parents in the Lord. (Proverbs 23:22) - hearken unto to thy father... Despise not your mother. (E) Parents: Respect your children (Ephesians 6:4) - Do not provoke. (Colossians 3:21) - Exasperate 'Living Bible'. The e-mail of brother Leroy is pinv2@ibm.net .

    * Brother Cornelius George From St. Vincent (evangelist in Antigua) has the gift of consoling. Our brother Cornelius is a man of integrity. His teaching style reflects his desire for us to capture the beauty and greatness of God's words. He teaches us with the gentleness and humility one uses to teach a little child. No one in brother Cornelius classes missed a word he said in his gentle tone and manner. This man pastors the church in Antigua, where he is highly respected for the love he shows and the concern he creates in all those involved in God's work. He had the topic of the book of Revelation. He shared Revelation Chapters 10, 12, 22. The evening of the 27th service was held at the San Nicolas meeting hall. Here, all the members of the Tamarijn Church of Christ met with the San Nicolas Church of Christ. He shared Revelation Chapter 21. After the service he taught the Church a song titled: "Deep down in my heart". He does not have e-mail yet, but he will soon. His address is P.O.Box 772, St. Johnís, Antigua. W.I. Telephone: (268)-461-1894.

    * Brother Albert Isaac (evangelist of Anguilla), has the gift of evangelizing. A young and dynamic preacher. Brother Albert thrilled us and moved us with his dynamic and illustrative presentations of God's truths. It is refreshing to see a young preacher so moved and concerned for us to keep the truths of God's word in our hearts. His lessons are the kind you don't forget because of his illustrative repetitions of the central theme of his messages. He had    the topic "COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR  OWN".

(1). The pearl of communication with God.
(2). The pearl to be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.
(3). The pearl to be born again.

The e-mail address of brother Isaac is isaac@anguillanet.com .

    * Brother Sylvester Celestine from Dominica (evangelist in St. Maarten), has the gift of evangelizing. A powerful preacher, full of the Spirit and dynamism in his messages. He always reminded us about the inspiring promises of the Lord and gave very motivational messages by crafting them around these awesome promises. Brother Sylvester is a very committed man, to his family and the church he pastors. He is always willing to seek the opportunity to establish the word of God where it has not been heard yet. "COMMUNICATION WITH NON CHRISTIANS" was his topic. The first day he spoke about the communication with none Christians about the Love of God, the second lesson was titled communicate about the Church with none Christians. Sunday morning he gave a sermon titled "Blessings in the ring of reconciliation". Here, two sisters had responded to the invitation for reconciliation. The e-mail address of brother Celestine is cellos@sintmaarten.net

    * Brother Pedro Gelabert (evangelist of Puerto Rico) brought the study of "KOINONIA". He was one of the preachers of "Long Island Church of Christ" in United States, but now he has a mission in Puerto Rico maintained by "Long Island Church of Christ". The study of "KOINONIA" can be found also in the web page http://www.licoc.org It is a total of fifteen hours of studies and he had only two hours and twenty minutes to present some important facts and he brought a good lesson, comprehensible and beneficial for each one of the presents. It can be read on paper, but brother Gelabert has the gift of explaining it with magnificence. KOINONIA signifies communion, but a perfect communion. His illustration was the perfect marriage. Not only to attend to the service, but to be compromised to the work. We recommend you to read in the web page and if you have some questions, do this to brother Gelabert in the e-mail address info@licoc.org . Brother Pedro Gelabert preaches also through the e-mail. An efficient way to gain souls in our time. In Long Island he gained hundreds of souls through electronic mail and now in Puerto Rico he is doing the same. If you want more information, how to gain souls by e-mail, you can be communicated with brother Gelabert at the address pedro-gelabert@usa.net . Personally, I want to encourage you to invite him as a speaker to bring this lesson for a seminar. He will need 15 hours to cover it completely.

    * Brother Wilmot Buchanan (evangelist in St. Kitts) has the gift of instructing. Our brother Wilmot left our hearts burning with joy every time he preached and shared the Word of God with us. We can see in this reverent servant of God a love and longing for the heavenly city to come. This brother has been preaching and serving the church in St. Kitts for many decades, and the labor of love he has sown can be witnessed in the smile on his face and his desire to serve his fellow man. He had the topic "ENDEAVOR TO COMMUNICATE"

(1). Endeavor: To strive, to achieve or reach; to attempt by exertion of effort; to work with a set purpose.
(2). Communication: share, to convey knowledge of, or information about; to make, to reveal by clear signs; to transmit information, thought, or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood; to cause to pass from one to another.

(3). Aim: To motivate and involve Christians in communicating the Gospel to every creature.
(4). Goal: That all may know the love of God, thereby obeying the truth, to be saved eternally.

    He gave an illustration of a party. There was a party, and the chicken said, "I will give my egg, so they can make some snack for the party". The pig said, "I have to sacrifice my self, to make some snack for the party". He said without offending no one, that the Church of Christ around the world needs more of "pig Christians". Christians that are committed and involve themselves in the work of God as a living sacrifice and not Christians that only involve themselves coming only on Sunday or giving a part of their money and think or tell that they have sacrificed themselves for the work of God". Be a living sacrifice is ENDEAVOR YOUR SELF TO COMMUNICATE, overcome the obstacles and obey the word of God with love.

    Conclusion: The challenge for us today is to take every effort to put the Church back to work. We must then toil with a will to be sure that the Gospel is so proclaimed to every creature, fulfilling our God given obligation. The e-mail of brother Buchanan is  wilorn@caribsurf.com .

    * Brother Alford Lazar from Dominica (evangelist in Curacao) has the gift of motivation. Alford is a brother that has heart. In all his messages you could see a heart behind the message, a man dedicated to please the Lord and excited about being enlisted as a servant of the Most High. Alford spread this encouragement to all in the audience because you could see his heart was in it. Here is a man who will be able to move crowds for Jesus because he is a man after God's own heart. He had the topic, "MAKE AN EFFORT TO COMMUNICATE".

(1). He said that motivation is essential for the execution and realization of any undertaking. The scripture tells that the children of Israel brought the wall to completion, inspired by the many trails they encountered, because the people had a mind to work (Nehemiah 4:6). That is, the people
that motivated, they were energized, they were encouraged to work.
(2). Biblical men who were motivated: (A) Noah was motivated (Heb. 11:7). (B) Abraham was motivated (Heb. 11:7). (C) Jesus was motivated (Lk. 19:10; Mat. 1:21).
(3). We have to make an effort to overcome the barriers of communication. Christ wants us to be interested in people (Jn. 13:34,34; Gal. 5:13; 6:2; 1 Cor. 12:25; Jas. 5:16; Eph. 4:32).
 (4). Selfishness means: Self-service only! There are 13 letters in the word C.O.M.M.U.N.I.C.A.T.I.O.N and each letter represents a very significant element in the process of communicating with one another.

For example: C... Congregation (Eph 4:3, 1Cor. 12:14-27). O... Organization (1Cor. 14:40, Titus 1:5). M... Ministry (Eph 4:12-13). M.. Means. U... Understanding/Unity (Eph 3:3-5; 1cor. 1:10). N... Negotiation (Isa. 1:18). I... Information (Mk. 16:15, 2Tim 4:1-2). C... Communion (Acts 2:42; 1cor. 10:16). A... Agreement (Amos 3:3). T... Time (2Cor. 6:2; ). I... Insurance. O.. Operation (Jas. 1:22-23). N. Nearness (Jas. 4:8,9)

A nice explanation of COMMUNICATION by Alford Lazar:
1. Congregation: A congregation without communication is like a building that
 is made of bricks but the bricks have no mortar to keep them together. Naturally, 
in the event of a storm all the bricks are going to fall apart. Now that is the result 
of a congregation where there is no
2. Communication brings Organization and organization brings congregation.
3. Ministry: The ministry of the Lord is one of the reasons why Christians should 
endeavor to communicate. There are many lost people who need to know about 
the Lord and His ministry of grace. (Rom 1:14-15)
4. Means: Communication is a means, that is, it is an instrument that can enable us 
to obtain the objective of our ministry. Remember, it is not an end!
5. Understanding: We do not communicate when people don't understand what we
say. Hence, understanding is very important to the process of communicating.
6. Negotiation: Communication is a form of negotiation.
7. Information: Could you imagine what communication would be like without
information? Naturally, it would be meaningless!
8. Communion: Communion is the result of communication in the church. Many
years ago Christ came to bridge of the communication gap which existed
between God and man, so that both could be reconciled in sweet communion.
When there is communication in the church there will be sweet communion too.
9. Agreement: The prophet Amos once said, " can two walk together except
they agree?" (Amos 3:3) I guess, we all know the answer to this
question. Can we reach an agreement if we don't communicate?
10. Time: Communication has a time factor. For example, when are we going to
start communicating? How often? and How long?
11. Insurance: I believe that communication serves as a guarantee to our
relationships. There is no problem that we can not resolve, if only we are
willing to talk about it.
12. Operation: put it into action!
13. Nearness: Through communication we are drawn closer.

The e-mail of brother Lazar is alford@bbts.com .

    As you may have noticed, our main theme for this workshop was "COMMUNICATION". The Lord has blessed us with many effective ways to better communicate with each other. We are all encouraged to use whatever we have to serve each other best.

If you want the monthly Caribbean news, please write to pedro-gelabert@usa.com and ask him to send you the monthly Caribbean News. You can first open his web page at www.licoc.org /newsletter/newsindex.htm and verify if you like it. The news is in English and Spanish. You will be surprised with what this brother can do with the computer. All the news of the Caribbean can be sent to the "Caribbean Churches of Christ" group list (when you copy it) and our brother Pedro will put it in this web page, so everyone who accesses it can read your news.

    Why this "Caribbean Churches of Christ" group list? I want to communicate with all the Caribbean Christians and when we have some activity, we can invite, share and encourage each other. Also we can send studies and ideas . One of our goals for 2000 is to establish the Church of Christ on the Islands where there are none . In our last Caribbean Workshop, we decide to begin with Saba, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Bonaire. If you know some other Island that has no Church of Christ , let us know.

    Our brother Sylvester Celestine, evangelist in St. Maarten, is in charge of the Island of Saba. His address is: Zozomoran DR.  # 2A Colebay, St. Maarten N.A. Tel.: 05-45841. He will scout Saba and let us all knows about this activity. The Church in Aruba will send some cash for this activity. It is not a big sum, but if everyone of the Churches of Christ in the Caribbean can send a small or big sum, Iím sure that he will do a good job. I want to suggest to not send the account number by e-mail, but by airmail.

    Our brother Cornelius George, evangelist in Antigua, is in charge for Martinique and Guadeloupe. He has no e-mail address yet, but he will this year. His address in Antigua is P.O. Box 772, St. Johnís Antigua, W.I. Telephone: (268) 461-1894.

    Our brother Humphrey Kock, evangelist in Aruba, is in charge with the Island of Bonaire. The Church in Aruba takes 8% from the collection almost every Sunday for this work . Right now we have $600.00 for this activity but it is not sufficient . Bonaire is very expensive . We went there three times and we have set up some Bible correspondence courses . Our brother Alford Lazar, evangelist in Curacao, went also one time with us and has also set up some Bible correspondence courses .

    Our brother Pedro Gelabert evangelist in Puerto Rico, is in charge of training the youth (boys and girls) and also adult (men and women) in Puerto Rico. He has 14 years experience in this matter. He will train them in an easy but effective way. Everyone of us can send groups or individuals to Puerto Rico and he will train them. For more information, contact our brother at pedro-gelabert@usa.net .

    The main idea for this work in the islands is to preach the Gospel and when we win one or two souls for God, we will stop and teach the new members of the Islands to follow up with more Gospel preaching and discipleship.

    Please pray for all this activity to be for the glory of God.

    Together in His service,

    Humphrey Kock, Evangelist of Tamarijn Church of Christ Aruba.