Servant Leaders

Pedro Gelabert

Pedro GelabertEvangelistAs an evangelist, brother Pedro is called to “Preach the word, to reprove, rebuke and exhort with patience and teaching, and to be sober-minded” (NIV says “keep your head in all situations” KJV says “But watch thou in all things”). 2 Timothy 4:1-5

In other words, his job is to be watchful in what is going on in the local body of Christ. Brother Pedro also oversees the City Ministry, teaching and exhorting the brethren who live in the NYC area. He also oversees those involved in the Deaf Ministry.

Arthur Shlesinger

Arthur ShlesingerMinister of FinanceOur brother Artie oversees the church’s budget, expenses and distribution of monies collected for use by the LICOC. He also oversees the benevolence ministry and works closely with those who oversee the Men’s Order of Service.

Charlie Gomez

Charlie GomezSpanish EvangelistOur brother Charlie serves as the evangelist for the Spanish ministry; preaching, teaching, rebuking and exhorting the brethren in the Spanish ministry.

Rob Young

Rob YoungFamily MinisterOur brother Rob’s role involves teaching and encouraging the families of the LICOC to establish homes conducive to raising godly children. He also serves in the administration and logistics of those involved with children and family services at the LICOC.

Ladi Davies

Ladi A. DaviesCampus MinisterOur brother Ladi’s role involves overseeing the teaching, exhortation and mentoring of the brethren currently attending local colleges. Brother Ladi also leads our campus evangelism efforts and teaches a weekly Bible class at Stony Brook University.

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