Welcome to the Long Island Church of Christ (LICOC)

We are a group of people who believe that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord. We are convinced that life can’t be lived without His love, His forgiveness and His presence in our lives. Our purpose as a church can be summed up in two simple, but profound words: Show Jesus.

We desire to Show Jesus our love for him through worship and praise individually and as a church. We want to Show Jesus to ourselves through personal study and prayer. We work to Show Jesus to each other in friendship and Christian community.

We especially desire to Show Jesus to the people of the New York Metropolitan Area, one of the most diverse and interesting places to live in the world. We know that God has a plan and help for individuals and families living in our unique environment. Our hope is that through our worship, our study and fun of fellowship together, you will see Jesus clearly.

The LICOC is made up of people who believe that Jesus Christ is God’s son, the Savior of the world. We believe that Jesus Christ is the sole source of salvation for all people. We also firmly believe that the Bible is God’s inspired message for all lives.

Our congregation is based on the purpose of bringing God glory through worship, sharing His salvation with others, and offering people a home where they can find acceptance, love and encouragement through Christian community.

We are Christians only. We are non-denominational (not inter-denominational) and have no church organization other than independent congregations such as we are at LICOC. Churches of Christ desire to worship and practice our faith with the simplicity and sincerity of the church that is described in the New Testament.

We base our beliefs and activities directly on the authority of the Bible. We strive to follow the practices of the churches described in the New Testament and teaching of the Bible without adding human traditions or creeds. This is the reason you see no special religious symbols in our building or creeds in our worship.

Although we understand that our worship and the way we carry out activities are also shaped by habits and traditions, we make every effort to ensure that they are based on clear Biblical teaching.

Because every congregation of the Church of Christ is independent, you will see some variations in small points of teaching and worship. It is our responsibility as a church to study and learn as best we can for our congregation what is God’s will in all that we do.

For information about becoming a member of the Long Island Church of Christ, contact us.

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