Baptism Chain Reference

Baptism Chain Reference


To be covered in your meeting:


John 3:1-6

            A- To see the Kingdom of God we must be born again.

            B- To enter the Kingdom of God we must be born again.

            C- Born of the water (H2O) and of the Spirit (Holy Spirit).

            D- Baptism is clearly necessary to enter the Kingdom.


Acts 2:38

            A- In the Greek:            Baptizmo (Baptizo)         = to immerse

                                                Rhantizo    (Rhantizo)     = to sprinkle

                                                Cheo           (Cheo)           = to pour

            B- At baptism, two things happen:

                        1- We are forgiven of our sins.

                        2- We receive the Holy Spirit.


Romans 6:1-8

            A- We are baptized into Christ's death.

            B- In baptism, we participate in Christ's:

                        1- Death

                        2- Burial

                        3- Resurrection

            C- We are raised to walk a new life.

            D- If we have died with Christ, we will also live with Him in the

                 newness of life.


Colossians 2:12

            A- Through faith in the power of God we have died to self and have

                  been born again.

            B- Faith is essential to please God (Hebrews 11:6).


Mark 16:16

            A- He who believes and is baptized will be saved.

            B- He who disbelieves will be condemned.

            C- Belief in the working of God is essential.


I Peter 3:21

            A- Baptism is what saves us!

            B- By an appeal to God for a good conscience through the

                 resurrection of Jesus; belief and faith!



Galatians 3:26,27

            A- At baptism we are clothed in Christ; we have become sons of

                 God through faith in Christ Jesus.

            B- By clothing ourselves with Christ we have put off the sinful

                 nature (Galatians 5:24).


I Corinthians 12:12, 13

            A- We become members of the body of Christ at baptism.

                  (The body of Christ = The Church)


Ephesians 4:4, 5

            A- These is only one baptism today that will get us into the only

                 true church.




Acts 2:41           First Christians in Jerusalem.

Acts 8:12,13      Simon the Sorcerer.

Acts 8:26-38      Ethiopian Eunuch.

Acts 16:13-15    Lydia, the purple cloth dealer.

Acts 16:22-34    Philippian jailer.

Acts 18:8           Corinthians.

Acts 19:1-5        Ephesians.

Acts 22:3-16      Apostle Paul (also Acts 9:1-22)


Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15,16

            A- Jesus gave us this final commission:

                  1- Preach the good news in the entire world.

                  2- Make disciples of all nations.

            B- How do we make these disciples?

                  1- Preach to them.

                  2- Baptize them.

                  3- Teach them everything Jesus has commanded.

            C- Jesus will be with you always in this mission!



Home Work Assignment:



1. Write the summarized version of study down (down below) in a blank page of your Bible. Your mentor will show you how to glue onion-skin (tracing) paper in your Bible using white (Elmer’s) glue. You may want to draw lines, using a ruler, on your paper for easy writing. If your Bible does not have empty pages, glue on some of your own blank pages.


2. Write the following helpful information after writing points 1 through 18 in your Bible:

    a. Bible baptism is an “immersion” as oppose to a “sprinkling” or a “pouring”:

        1. baptizo – (bap-tid'-zo) to make whelmed (i.e. fully wet); to baptize

            (note: “whelm” means “submerge”).

        2. rhantizo – (hran-tid'-zo) to render besprinkled; sprinkle.

        3. cheo – (kheh'-o) to pour.

    b. Baptism is biblically described as a burial (Romans 6:4; Col. 2:12).


3. Build a baptism chain reference by doing the following:

    a)   Go to Acts 2:38 (point #1) in your Bible and write, on the margin next to that verse, the following:

          Bapt: Acts 2:41

    b)   Go to Acts 2:41 (point #2) in your Bible and write, on the margin next to that verse, the following:

          Bapt: Acts 22:16

    c)   Go to Acts 22:16 (point #3) in your Bible and write, on the margin next to that verse, the following:

          Bapt: Heb. 10:22

    d)   Keep on doing this until you get to Col. 2:11-12 (point #18).

    e)   Next to Col. 2:11-12, write, on the margin next to that verse, the following:  Bapt: Acts 2:38

f)        Now you have a scriptural chain reference!

g)       You may want to add the text in each point using a rapidograph on the margin of the Bible, next to the scripture passage.


4. Don’t be lazy! This is to your benefit! J


Helpful hints:

1. Use a thin writing pen to write with (an ultra razor thin marker or a rapidograph pen would be helpful).

2. Write small so you can write other topical studies in your Bible as you receive them.


Baptism Chain Reference


  1. Acts 2:38 — Baptism is for the forgiveness of sins and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Acts 2:41 — Those who gladly accepted Peter’s message of Christ were baptized.

  3. Acts 22:16 — In baptism, we wash away our sins, calling on His name.

  4. Heb. 10:22 — We are to have our bodies washed in pure water.

  5. Titus 3:5 — We are saved by the washing of rebirth and the renewal by the Holy Spirit.

  6. John 3:3-5 — We must be born of water and Spirit to enter the kingdom of heaven.

  7. Acts 10:47 – We cannot forbid the water to baptize those who believe.

  8. Acts 8:35f – The Ethiopian eunuch was baptized when he believed.

  9. Acts 8:12-13 — The Samaritans were baptized when they believed, both men and women.

10. Acts 16:13-15 — Lydia and her household were baptized when they believed.

11. Acts 16:30-34 — The Philippian jailer and his household were baptized when they believed.

12. Acts 18:8 — The Corinthians were baptized when they believed.

13. Acts 19:1-7 — Those who received John’s baptism were re-baptized in the name of Jesus.

14. 1 Peter 3:21 — Baptism does also now save us.

15. Gal. 3:26-27 — Through faith, we put on Christ when we are baptized.

16. Romans 6:3-7 — We are buried with Christ in baptism and raised to live a new life.

17. Mark 16:15-16  — He who believes and is baptized will be saved.

18. Col. 2:11-12 — God circumcises our sins when we are buried with Christ in baptism.


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