Day 03 – Tested and Tempted

Day 3: “Tested and Tempted”

Forty Days in the Wilderness – A 40 Day Quiet Time Series
I. Matthew 3:16-4:11

  1. What happened to Jesus after his baptism?
  2. What should you expect after your baptism?
  3. List the ways Satan has tempted you since your baptism?
  4. What did Jesus use to fight Satan’s temptations?
  5. Read Psalm 119:11
    1. Satan’s goal is to get you to fall into sin. Satan tried to get Jesus to sin, but Jesus kept quoting Scripture to him. What is Psalm 119:11 instructing you to do and why?


II. Ephesians 6:10-17  

  1. List some ways Satan may scheme against you?
  2. Many will persecute you because of your faith. Judging from verse 12, who is the battle really against? People or Satan’s spiritual forces?
  3. From verse 17, what is our “defense weapon” against Satan?


III. 1Timothy 4:1  

  1. Another way Satan tempts us is by seducing us to accept things taught by demons. How can you protect yourself from falling into false teachings?



For Your Encouragement:


  1. Expect to be tempted and decide to be open about it. Talk with your mentor or a mature Christian today about your temptations and pray together.


  1. Study your Bible daily and store the word of God in your heart so that you will be able to recognize and expose Satan’s schemes. For starters, memorize Psalm 119:11.

During these stressful times, we want to offer our prayers and encouragement to any who are interested. Our leaders are available to help, please let us know by emailing