Day 13 – Saved to Serve

Day 13: “Saved to Serve”

Forty Days in the Wilderness – A 40 Day Quiet Time Series
I. Matthew 25:31-46

  1. When we serve those who are hurting in the Kingdom, who are we really serving?
  2. Which of the six things listed in verses 35-36 have you done recently?


II. Deuteronomy 15:7-10  

  1. What does it mean to be “hard-hearted” or “tight-fisted”?
  2. What kind of giving does God expect from you?
  3. Who are some of the poor and needy around you – and how are you going to help them?


III. Matthew 10:40-42  

  1. God rewards a simple act of kindness like offering a cup of cold water to a weary soul. What are some ways you can help the needy, even if you have little money?


IV. Hebrews 6:10   

  1. From this passage, how is your love for God expressed?


V. 1Corinthians 15:58; 2Thessalonians 3:13   

  1. Sometimes, it is a challenge to continue doing what is right, especially when it appears that nothing positive is resulting from it. However, why should you never tire from doing what is right?

For Your Encouragement:


  1. Who can you help today? Why not help them now?
  2. Make plans with other disciples to help those who are in need this week.

During these stressful times, we want to offer our prayers and encouragement to any who are interested. Our leaders are available to help, please let us know by emailing