Day 15 – The Hope of Heaven

Day 15: “The Hope of Heaven”

Forty Days in the Wilderness – A 40 Day Quiet Time Series
I. Revelation 20:11-15

  1. Take time to imagine what Judgment Day will be like! Who will be there?
  2. How will everyone be feeling?

II. Revelation 21:1-8  

  1. Who is the Bride of Christ?
  2. Describe heaven.
  3. Who will suffer the second death?


III. Revelation 22:1-6  

  1. What other eternal joys will be in heaven?
  2. Why does God want us to know these words are trustworthy and true?

IV. Revelation 22:14-15  

  1. Why are you such a blessed person?
  2. Who will be shut out from the presence of God?


For Your Encouragement:


  1. Pray about what God promises in heaven and be thankful for salvation!
  2. When you’re asked, “How are you?” tell that person: “I am blessed!”

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