Day 20 – Tempted by the World

Day 20: “Tempted by the World”

Forty Days in the Wilderness – A 40 Day Quiet Time Series
I. Psalm 73:1-14

  1. What was the psalmist feeling as he looked at the wealth and prosperity of the unsaved around him?
  2. Why did life seem unfair to him?
  3. Have you been envying the lost around you? If so, have you confessed this to God?


II. Psalm 73:15-22  

  1. What did he realize about their final destiny?
  2. How is the “good life” like a dream that will end on judgment day?
  3. How was the writer thinking when he was envying them?


III. Psalm 73:23-28  

  1. What did the psalmist realize about his relationship with God?
  2. Memorize verses 25-26.


IV. 1John 2:15-17  

  1. What things in the world are you supposed to hate?
  2. Are there any worldly things still attracting you? If so, be determined to hate them.



For Your Encouragement:


  1. Talk with your mentor or a mature Christian about your feelings about the world. Discuss with that person what temptations you have been having and pray about those temptations.
  2. When temptation attacks you from within, always remember to go to God in prayer!

During these stressful times, we want to offer our prayers and encouragement to any who are interested. Our leaders are available to help, please let us know by emailing