10-Jesus Doing It Right

Day 10: Jesus, Doing It Right!

An Intimate Walk with Jesus – A 30 Day Quiet Time Series
Text: Mark 7:31-37

Assignment: Make a list of the areas in your life where you need to make a greater effort for excellence than you have been making.

Lesson to Learn: Jesus, as the reflection of God’s Glory, always did His best in all that He did.

It is very hard to live life perfectly. To always do a good job as a spouse, a parent, an employee, a student, or as a Christian is very challenging. Sometimes, because of failure, it seems easier not to try at all. Jesus had the same challenges that we do, but He was able to do all things well. He struggled with the weakness of the flesh as we all do, but He was able to overcome it. In this lesson, we will examine Jesus’ attitude toward the work God had given Him and how He accomplished it. We will examine how it was possible for Jesus to always keep the level of excellence high in His life.

1. Mark 7:31-37 – The people of Jesus’ day were astonished at what Jesus was able to do. They were also astonished at the level of excellence with which He accomplished these feats. It would be hard to imagine people saying this about us! How hard it is to do all things well. But practice makes perfect. We must never allow our inadequacies to be an excuse for giving less than our best. Training only comes through trial and error. Therefore, to give up because we are not perfect is contrary to the concept of being a disciple of Jesus. That is why we are being trained.

2. Matthew 9:33 – The crowd is amazed at Jesus’ ability to cast out demons. Jesus gave evidence to the fact that He was able to do many, many things well. As Christians, we must always be willing to grow in our abilities. We should attempt new things all the time in order that we might become better at them. So often we are only willing to attempt things that we know we are good at. Are you afraid of doing certain things because you think you will fail? Pray about this and then try it.

3. Hebrews 9:26-28 – Jesus was able to accomplish the work God sent Him to do. What He did was done right, so that no other sacrifice need ever be made in our behalf. His work ethic was incredible! He wanted to do God’s Will and He wanted to do it quickly and accurately. Is this your attitude? Do you procrastinate doing what you know you should? When you finally do it, is it done with a complacent attitude? Are you willing to give a wholehearted effort in all you do? What would Jesus desire of you and what would He do?

Jesus is an incredible example of a man who had a very high standard for Himself. He always wanted to give His best for God. Since it is for God that we do all we do, shouldn’t we always give 100%? Certainly, from an intellectual standpoint this makes sense, but does it make sense from a practical standpoint? Let us never allow insecurities about our abilities determine the level of our effort. Being imperfect is the reality of being human, but there is never an excuse for a poor effort.

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