11-Jesus A Joyful Grateful Man

Day 11: Jesus, a Joyful, Grateful Man!

An Intimate Walk with Jesus – A 30 Day Quiet Time Series
Text: John 17:1-19

Assignment: Make a list of the ten things in your life you are most grateful for.

Lesson to Learn: Jesus was a man under constant pressure, but that did not keep Him from being happy or grateful.

The religious world has a picture of Jesus as a very burdened, misunderstood and unhappy man. This is far from the truth. Jesus lived a life of constant pressure as He tried to accomplish God’s Will for His life. He knew the task before Him was not easy. Yet, He did not become sullen or ungrateful. Gratitude is a direct result of the level of joy we have in our life. Do you not find it easier to be thankful when your life is filled with joy? In this lesson we will see how Jesus was always able to keep a joyful attitude.

1. John 17:13 – Jesus was filled with joy. He wanted His disciples to experience His joy. It was one of His goals to leave them filled with joy. His prayer is that His Father would fill His disciples with joy. Are you filled with joy? Jesus makes this statement a few hours before He would die on the cross. He did not allow the circumstances of His life to destroy the inner joy that He had. Are you happy only when everything is going right? Do you have a joy that you can share with others? Do you have a joy that can fill others?

2. John 11:41-44 – Jesus is filled with joy and thankfulness in the midst of other peoples’ sorrow. He also thanks God for something that hasn’t happened yet. Jesus had prayed about this and before God can answer His prayer, Jesus thanks Him. This is an example of faith and gratitude working hand in hand. Do you have faith that God will hear your prayers? Do you thank God for hearing your prayers before they are answered? When others are sad, can you bring a sense of joy and gratitude to them that will affect them?

3. Luke 10:1-24 – Jesus had a very optimistic point of view. This is one of the reasons He was filled with gratitude and joy. In this situation, it would be easy to be discouraged, as so very few people understood who Jesus was and the purpose of His coming. However, Jesus sees the situation from an entirely different perspective. He thanks God because only the pure of heart can discern the truth. He sees the glass as half full and not half empty. Pessimism only leads to faithlessness, ingratitude and unhappiness. Are you someone who can see the good in every situation? Do you struggle with pessimism?

Jesus was a happy, fulfilled and grateful man. Are you? As followers of Jesus we should be. What do you have to change in order to be that way? Our joy springs from hearts that are filled with gratitude for all God has done for us. Think about the things God has done in your life and you will feel a genuine happiness. Make a list of those things. Fill your prayers with gratitude. Often, this is one of the most effective ways of finding out if we are truly grateful. Jesus’ prayers were filled with thankfulness. From that, we can conclude that He was happy. Many times our prayers are only filled with requests. Therefore, let’s fill our hearts and prayers with the joy that Jesus has poured out upon us!

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