12-Jesus and Money

Day 12: Jesus and Money

An Intimate Walk with Jesus – A 30 Day Quiet Time Series
Text: Matthew 6:19-24

Assignment: Make a list of the areas where money has affected your commitment to God.

Lesson to Learn: Although Jesus could have been very rich, He always remembered His purpose in coming to Earth.

You cannot serve both God and Money” (Matthew 6:24b). What an exclusive statement Jesus makes here! There is no gray area here. Jesus knew the greatest temptation in a relationship with God would be a person’s love of money, but Jesus had to face these temptations also. He grew up in a poor family. When He began His ministry, He would have been able to generate large amounts of capital. At one point, people even wanted to make him king (cf. John 6:14-15). It would have been so easy for Jesus to submit to the temptation of an easy, carefree life. He could have used His talents and gifts to fulfill His own needs and desires, but He did not. He would not attempt to serve God and Money! In this lesson we will see how Jesus handled His money and what was His attitude toward it.

1. Luke 16:13-15 – Jesus believed that the love for money is detestable in God’s sight. He saw many people that had sold themselves to the goal of gaining money. These people were the religious leaders of Jesus’ day. How opposite of what God wants! Jesus knows we need money to live, but He wants us to love Him above all! Let’s see if this was Jesus’ attitude.

2. Luke 8:1-3 – Jesus’ way of providing for Himself and His disciples was based on the generosity of some women. Had He wanted to, He could have made money by simply catching fish (see Matthew 17:24-27). Jesus, the Son of God, fed Himself while He was preaching and teaching God’s Word by waiting on the generosity of the people He affected. How faithful are you right now about your financial situation? Are your thoughts filled with worries because you think you don’t have enough money to provide for your needs? Do you believe God knows what your needs are and that He is able to meet them?

3. Matthew 22:15-22 – Jesus paid taxes! He didn’t have much money Himself, but He still felt the need to obey the law (see Matthew 17:24-27). Jesus never used His position as God’s Son to exempt Himself from the requirements of citizenship, but He always made the distinction between “giving to Caesar that which is his and to God that which is His”. Do you pay your debts? Do you honor the commitments you have made financially? Do you give to God that which is His?

4. John 13:29 – Jesus was poor Himself and yet, He gave money to feed the poor. It’s a matter of perspective. There will always be someone in a worse financial situation than you, but do we dismiss meeting their needs by thinking we are too poor to be of any help? This was not Jesus’ heart.

Money can be a very dangerous spiritual adversary. Jesus knew this. That’s why He did not amass any money Himself. When He died, His clothes were all He owned and these were divided among the guards. Jesus died a poor man physically, but rich spiritually. Jesus is an outstanding example of love and commitment.

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