13-Jesus The Perfect Mentor Pt1

Day 13: Jesus, the Perfect Mentor — Part 1 — The Basis for Jesus’ Mentorship

An Intimate Walk with Jesus – A 30 Day Quiet Time Series
Text: Mark 1:16-18

Assignment: Make a plan of action as to how you will incorporate the principles of this lesson into the lives of those whom you mentor.

Lesson to Learn: Jesus, as the perfect mentor, can teach us how to mentor others.

Jesus was the best mentor that ever walked the face of the earth. He obeyed God perfectly. Jesus is therefore the perfect role model for us to follow as we try to mentor others. In this lesson, we will examine the basis of Jesus’ mentorship. He had a standard that He used in calling others to be His disciples.
1. Matthew 4:15-1611:1013:14-1515:8-9 – Jesus was always quoting the Scriptures to His disciples. He saw the Bible as the basis for all training that His disciples received. Although the New Testament had not been written yet, Jesus preached and taught His disciples using the Old Testament.

2. Mark 10:32 – Jesus was always leading the way. He never commanded His disciples to do something He Himself was not willing to do. He inspired His disciples by the example He set. Some were so impressed with His example that they were either astonished or afraid. Do you lead the way for those whom you mentor? Do you challenge them to do things that you are afraid to do yourself? Do you help them accomplish the challenges you give them (cf. Matthew 23:4)?

3. Mark 1:16-18 – Jesus had a purpose for His disciples. He did not call them to follow Him so that they could merely hang out, or have great parties, or watch movies, or just to be great friends. His purpose for His disciples was for them to be fishers of men. What purpose are you giving those whom you mentor? Do you talk about this purpose often? Do you pray together about this purpose?

4. John 17:6 – Jesus’ goal for His disciples was to reveal God to them. He knew that in so doing they would grow spiritually! Using this motivation can change people more quickly than any other. Do you have as a goal to reveal God to those whom you mentor? How would you do that?

5. John 15:15 – Jesus was a great disciple Himself. He imitated His Father and that is why He was able to teach His disciples about imitation. Since He imitated God, He was not afraid to call His disciples to imitate Him. Only when a person has learned to be a great disciple can they teach anyone else how to be a disciple. Are you a great imitator of Christ? Is the person whom you mentor a great imitator of Christ? If not, maybe the problem is that you haven’t learned to be a great imitator of Christ yourself.

Jesus had a standard that He used in training His disciples. It was necessary if they were to become fully trained. Do you use the same standard that Jesus used? If not, why not? Do you use the Bible to train people? Do you set the example yourself? Do you know what the purpose of discipleship is? Do you reveal God to those whom you mentor? Are you a good disciple yourself? These were the standards Jesus used, and so must we.

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