14-Jesus The Perfect Mentor Pt2

Day 14: Jesus, the Perfect Mentor – Part 2 – Building a Relationship

An Intimate Walk with Jesus – A 30 Day Quiet Time Series
Text: John 13:1-5

Assignment: Make a plan as to how you can build a better relationship with your disciples.

Lesson to Learn: Jesus saw His disciples as friends before He saw them as disciples.

Jesus could be described as a man on a mission. As such, we might think He was too busy to spend time building relationships with people. This is not true. Jesus knew the value for Himself and for His disciples of having a friendship with the men He was mentoring. Every mentoring relationship should be, first and foremost, a friendship relationship. In this lesson, we will see Jesus’ attitude toward the men He was mentoring.

1. John 13:1-5 – Jesus loved the men He was mentoring. This is very important to understand, as Jesus did not just give His disciples ministry techniques, but He gave them His heart. He demonstrated His love in so many ways. By serving them, teaching them, believing in them, having vision for them and yes, even sometimes, by rebuking them. Do those whom you mentor know that you love them? Make a list of things you can better do to demonstrate your love to those whom you mentor.

2. John 15:15 – Jesus saw these men He had chosen to be His disciples as His friends. Jesus knew that His friendship with these men would compel them to do more for God than if he simply told them what to do! As friends, they shared in Jesus’ life. Later, when the apostles would all end up giving their lives for God, it would be the friendship with Jesus that they would remember, not the amazing ministry techniques Jesus taught them. Are you close friends with those whom you mentor? Why or why not?

3. Mark 3:13-15 – Jesus spent time with His disciples. It was the only way for Jesus to affect them. They saw His life and He saw their life. There is no substitute for time spent together. Do you have a regular mentorship time with those whom you mentor? Do you spend time with them outside from meeting times?

4. Matthew 5:1-2 – Jesus taught His disciples. Since the Bible is the standard for teaching spiritual things, it is only natural that the Bible be discussed when Christians get together. Jesus knew that through teaching, He could mature His disciples so that they would be able to withstand the schemes of Satan. Do you have Bible study in your mentorship meetings?

5. John 17:6-19 – Jesus prayed for His disciples. There is no better way to improve your relationship than to bring your friend’s name before God’s throne! Do you pray for those whom you are mentoring each and every day?

Often mentorship relationships fail because they are not built upon the foundation of friendship. Jesus was going to entrust the building of His church to these men He had chosen. In order to ensure that they would be successful they needed more than religious training. They needed friendship! No one would argue with Jesus’ success as His disciples evangelized their world. It would only make sense to imitate His heart in this area.

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