15-Jesus The Perfect Mentor Pt3

Day 15: Jesus, the Perfect Mentor – Part 3 – The Training Begins

An Intimate Walk with Jesus – A 30 Day Quiet Time Series
Text: Mark 3:13-19

Assignment: Make a list of the things you want to do that will help train those whom you mentor.

Lesson to Learn: Jesus knew that He needed to train His disciples to carry on when He was gone or the message of the cross would be lost to the next generation.

Train, train, train! This was Jesus’ mindset. His role was to die and pay the price of our sins. If this message were not shared with people, His sacrifice would have been wasted. So, He knew that He had to prepare His disciples to carry on when He left. He had about three years to prepare them for the most important role they would ever have, the role of being God’s spokesmen! In this lesson we see how Jesus trained His disciples. He was the Master Trainer as His disciples were able to fulfill His plan, which was to evangelize the world they lived in.

1. Luke 6:12-14 – Jesus needed to focus on the right people to train. He needed to be able to have an impact on a small number of people, who in turn could have impact on others. He spent the whole night in prayer as He chose the twelve men He would call His disciples. This was one of the most important decisions He ever made. Even though you may not have personally chosen those whom you mentor, do you feel as if you have made a decision to focus on them to train them?

2. Mark 3:13-19 – After Jesus had chosen His disciples, He made it very clear as to the purpose of this relationship. He wanted to train them to evangelize His world. He made sure they knew this! Do those whom you mentor know the purpose of the relationship you have with them? Have you made it clear to them?

3. Matthew 17:1-13 – Jesus was always doing things that He knew would inspire His disciples. It was important that they were spiritually inspired to new heights in their lives. Peter would remember this incident many years later as he wrote in 2 Peter 1:16-18. Do you inspire those whom you mentor? How could you inspire them?

4. Matthew 16:13-20 – Jesus was always looking for ways to encourage His disciples. They were not always the most perceptive people, and yet, Jesus wanted to encourage the smallest success. This would build their confidence for future tasks. Do you encourage those whom you mentor? Do you think of ways to build them up (see Hebrews 10:24)?

5. Matthew 16:21-23 – In this passage Jesus rebukes Peter. This is a part of the training all disciples need if they are to understand the deeper principles of righteousness. Often, we are afraid of receiving a rebuke or of giving one. We have a very worldly view toward rebukes. But Jesus used a rebuke to open the eyes of His disciples to the truths they were missing. Do you get an attitude if someone rebukes you? Do you see this as a part of the training you need? Do you feel unloved when you are rebuked? See Psalm 141:5; Proverbs 27:5-6.

6. Mark 6:30 – Jesus gave His disciples tasks to fulfill. Afterwards, the disciples would report on how they did. By this, Jesus could then correct any mistakes made by the disciples. He held His disciples accountable! Accountability was one way He used to refine their abilities and skills. Do you resent accountability in your life? Are you hesitant to hold others accountable?

Followers of Jesus are called to train others in the way of Jesus (Matthew 28:20). Training is a continuous process in our lives and in the lives of those whom we mentor!

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