17-The Disciples Purpose

Day 17: The Disciple’s Purpose

An Intimate Walk with Jesus – A 30 Day Quiet Time Series
Text: Matthew 28:18-20
Assignment: Talk to a close, spiritual friend about the convictions you have received from this lesson and then share the changes you will make.

Lesson to Learn: As disciples of Jesus, our purpose must be to make disciples, who in turn can make disciples!

Have you ever wondered why God wants the message of Jesus to be shared with all people? Since man’s purpose in being created is to bring glory to God, it therefore makes sense that the greater number of people who know this, the greater God will be glorified! God is not the president of a corporation whose only concern is the bottom line. He is a loving Father who wants all people to be adopted as His children. It is the responsibility of His other children to share His message of love and grace. A child of God who does not talk about his Father has lost focus as to why he was adopted. He does not demonstrate appreciation for God choosing him to be a son. He has stopped walking as his big brother Jesus walked! In this lesson we will examine the purpose the disciples in the first century had, and then apply the same purpose to our lives.

1. Mark 1:16-18 – Jesus made it very clear to His first disciples what He expected from them. They were to become “fishers of men.” Later they would learn that this meant all men, Gentiles included. This was a very new concept for the Jewish people. Are you as committed to this purpose as the day you were baptized?

2. Matthew 28:18-20 – Jesus now expands the scope of disciple-making to include all men. But, He adds a new concept here also. He wants His disciples to make disciples who can make other disciples. God did not want the message of the cross to die with one generation. He wants that message to be heard by all men. God does not want addition. He wants multiplication!

3. Acts 2:40-41 – In this chapter, Jesus’ disciples are fulfilling the purpose He has for them as they are preaching and teaching and making disciples. There are three thousand people who are baptized in one day. Part of the plan of Matthew 28 is being fulfilled. Were the apostles able to fulfill the second part, which was to make disciples who could make disciples?

4. Acts 8:1, 4 – The persecution begins in earnest against the church. The church was scattered everywhere, but the apostles remain behind in Jerusalem. These new Christians, who were facing an intense persecution, were scattered everywhere. They used this as an opportunity to preach wherever they went. The apostles were able to make disciples who were able to make disciples. Multiplication took place and not simply addition! Would you remain as committed to Jesus if you had to face the persecution these disciples faced? Would you still share your faith and make disciples?

As a disciple of Jesus, do you understand that your purpose is to make disciples who will make disciples? Have you ever brought someone to Christ? Has that person, in turn, brought someone to Christ? This is God’s plan for evangelizing the world we live in. Make a commitment today to fulfill God’s plan for your life. Pray about it. Talk about your convictions with a close, spiritual friend. Then, go and make disciples who will make disciples! May God’s Kingdom be filled and His name praised through your message!

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