18-The Disciple And Obedience

Day 18: The Disciple and Obedience

An Intimate Walk with Jesus – A 30 Day Quiet Time Series
Text: John 14:23-25

Assignment: Make a list of areas in your life where you could obey God more completely.

Lesson to Learn: As disciples of Jesus, our goal must be to obey everything God asks, no matter how hard it seems.

Obedience in the life of a young Christian can sometimes be easier than when we get older. This would seem to be contrary to what we expect. Initially, as a young Christian, everything is new and exciting. If we are not careful, as we get older, we can lose that zeal we possessed at first. One area that is often neglected is the area of obedience. We replace our old worldly actions with new religious ones. We can feel these religious actions replace the necessity of obedience. God has never wanted this! “To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.” 1 Samuel 15:22. In this lesson we will examine the need we all have to grow in our ability to obey God.

1. Matthew 28:20 – Jesus expects His disciples to teach other disciples how to obey God. Obedience is not a natural response: it is a trained response. Jesus’ goal in life was to be obedient to His Father. Since Jesus was obedient to the Father, He expects His disciples to be obedient to God as well. Are you being trained to obey God? Is obedience a priority in your relationship with God?

2. John 14:23-25 – Jesus sees love as obedience. Saying, “I love Jesus,” and being disobedient towards Jesus is a contradiction (see 1 John 2:4-6). To be disobedient to Jesus is to actually hate Him! Jesus said, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching”. Do you love Jesus? Do you obey Jesus? Would other people see how much you love Jesus by how much you obey Him?

3. Acts 5:29 – Jesus was able to impart this attitude of obedience into the hearts of His disciples. It would have been very easy for Peter to submit to the pressure the religious leaders were bringing upon him. But he knew that he could not. He was compelled to obey God and not men. With his attitude, God would be able to use Peter in a great way in furthering His Kingdom. Are your convictions about obedience as deep as Peter’s were? Are you training those whom you are mentoring to obey everything Jesus commanded in the same way Jesus was able to train His disciples?

Obedience is something we all can do. It is not dependent on talent or education or wealth. All we need is a humble and responsive heart that loves God above all. The more we learn to obey the easier obedience becomes. When we are trained to obey, we will become more and more effective at it. This is God’s plan for every disciple of Christ.

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