22-The Disciple Must Be A Servant

Day 22: The Disciple as a Servant!

An Intimate Walk with Jesus – A 30 Day Quiet Time Series
Text: Ephesians 4:11-12

Assignment: Make a list of how God’s grace has motivated you to serve others.

Lesson to Learn: When a Christian has a servant’s heart, he is fulfilling one of the roles God has chosen for His children.

One of the ways we can demonstrate to the world that we are truly different is in the area of service. The joy and peace that we have as Christians is evident when we serve in some areas where the world is involved. They see us giving blood, working in the Food Bank or helping those in need. They do not understand the energy we have or the patience we demonstrate. The greatest workers in any company should always be Christians. We do everything to bring glory to God, no matter how trivial or mundane the work. This is what God planned for His children. We are lights to the world and the world gives glory to God as they see our good deeds. In this lesson, we will examine the attitude a disciple should possess as servants to all.

1. Ephesians 4:11-12 – God’s plan involves Christians being matured and perfected so that they can be effective in works of service. We receive from others so that we can give to others. If a Christian only receives, he will become stagnant and useless. A Christian must give to others. Only then will he fulfill God’s purpose for his life. Do you see your role as that of a servant of all?

2. I Corinthians 15:9-10 – What motivates a Christian to serve or work hard? Paul teaches us that it is God’s grace. When a Christian understands that he has been given a second chance, that grace has saved him, he will be motivated to work hard. Do you feel that you are motivated by God’s grace? Do you resent having to drive people home, to serve in the Children’s Ministry, or baby-sit for married Christians so that they can spend quality time together as husbands and wives? If you do, maybe you have lost your focus on God’s grace.

3. Acts 9:36-43 – Dorcas was a disciple whose reputation of service was known by all. When she died, the Church mourned her loss. Peter is so moved by this display of affection that he raises her back from the dead. What an impact this woman had on the Church and on the world that she lived in. Would your reputation of serving be like Dorcas’? Do you even want a reputation like that?

4. Acts 6:1-7 – There was a problem in the Church! It involved this area of serving. The wrong people were ‘waiting on tables.’ The apostles couldn’t neglect their God-ordained role so they had the Church choose seven men filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom to wait on tables. As a result, the Church experienced rapid growth. Serving has impact on our goal of evangelizing the world. Is your ministry going well? If not, it may be because you are not serving.

Jesus said that the greatest is the servant. This is hard to accept. It seems greater to be served than to serve. The effects of serving are that people will see that we are followers of God and that we will have our heart trained to be more like Jesus. Serving can be a test of the depth of our convictions. Do you feel that God’s grace is motivating you to serve as Jesus served?

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