27-The Disciple And Money

Day 27: The Disciple and Money!

An Intimate Walk with Jesus – A 30 Day Quiet Time Series
Text: I Timothy 6:6-10

Assignment: Make a list of the ways you use money to glorify God.

Lesson to Learn: The love of money can destroy our love and commitment to God.

Have you ever found yourself feeling like you are not as committed to God as you once were? You hear a lesson on sacrifice and you feel you need to repent and be more giving to people. There are times when a disciple will lose his zeal for God and he will not know why. The love of money and the desire for an easier life can be two reasons that we find our commitment to God has changed. The problem with our love for money is that it usually enters our life in small increments. The changes can be so subtle we do not always notice them. It takes a reawakening for us to see the changes we have made. In this lesson, we will examine the danger of money and what our attitude should be towards it.

1. I Timothy 6:6-10 — Being content with what we have is one of the greatest safeguards we have to our spiritual purity. Paul warns us that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. People wander from the faith because of it. The phrase “wandered from the faith” denotes a slow progression by which a person’s commitment to God fades away. The love for money happens slowly and methodically. If a disciple allows himself to “fall in love” with money, the zeal and commitment he once had for Jesus will be replaced by an ever-increasing desire for pleasure and comfort. The love for money chokes out the Word of God (see Luke 8:14). Do you feel your zeal for God is less now than when you were first baptized? If so, what do you think caused this? Remove from your life whatever is causing you to stumble. See Hebrews 12:1-2.

2. 1 Timothy 6:17-19 – Wealth may appear to be certain and solid. The reality is, however, that money is fleeting and uncertain. To put your hope in money is to put your hope in that which will let you down. Put your hope in God! He will never desert you or abandon you in your time of need. Money will not give you peace or contentment. It will only bring you responsibility and heartache. Do you trust money more than God? What would you feel more secure with: a million dollars or God?

3. Acts 4:32-375:1-116:1-7 – The first real problem the Church faced was not persecution, but how to handle money. Ananias and Sapphira wanted to use their money to appear as committed as other Christians. Their love for recognition and glory caused them to lie to God. If they had no property they may have never fallen into this sin. They would have had no means to satisfy their desire to “look good” before the apostles. In chapter six, the Church faces a problem of the feeding of the widows. Again, money, and the use of it, is at the root of this problem. If the Church had no money, it would not have faced this problem. Had the apostles made the wrong decision, the Church could have split over this issue. Money can be very dangerous if it is not used properly. We must always think spiritually when we consider how to use our money. Do you seek spiritual input when you are making decisions that will involve the spending of money?

4. Acts 2:44-45 – The disciples of the first century were very generous in their giving to meet the needs of the newly established Church. They learned to have a spiritual attitude toward the blessings God had given them. Do you see yourself having this same attitude?

True disciples must love God, and not money! This challenge must be faced in every generation, by every disciple. Our zeal for God and His mission is at stake. The love of money will change us from spiritual radicals to complacent suburbanites. Let us never exchange the glory of God for a temporary solution to a temporary problem!

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