5-Jesus And His Dependence on God

Day 5: Jesus and His Dependence on God!

An Intimate Walk with Jesus – A 30 Day Quiet Time Series
Text: John 5:30

Assignment: Make a list of areas in your life where you find it hard to depend on God.

Lesson to Learn: Depending on God is a sign of strength, not of weakness!

It would be hard to imagine that someone who had the power to make the Heavens and the Earth would find it impossible to do anything. And yet, Jesus, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, says that He can only do what He sees His Father doing. The relationship between Father and Son is one of absolute dependence. This is an example of perfect harmony and unity. That’s why Jesus would be able to say with absolute certainty, “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30). Dependence seems to be a sign of weakness to many people, but in reality it is the ultimate sign of strength. It is easier to be independent. It takes incredible self-control to willingly depend on others, or on God. This is what Jesus’ example shows us. Jesus was a man who totally died to His own desires and then depended on His loving Father to show Him the way. In this lesson we will examine how Jesus revealed His dependence on God and how this resulted in Him being more perfect!

1. John 5:30 – “By myself I can do nothing”. Is this uttered by a frustrated man who has given up? Is this spoken by a man beaten down by life and whose confidence is shattered? No! This was spoken by the Son of God! By the God who is described as having no beginning and no end. By the God who needed no one to counsel Him when He laid the foundations of the earth! Is this a contradiction? Jesus drew His strength from His Father! He was able to accomplish as much as He did because He was leaning on God’s strength and wisdom. If Jesus was this dependent on God, what should that say about our relationship with the Father? Since we are not as strong or as wise as Jesus, we must become more dependent on God to provide everything we need!

2. John 8:27-28 – The extent of Jesus’ dependence on God can be seen in this verse, as He says that He would not speak words unless they were words He heard His Father speak. The perfect example of this dependent relationship was when they saw Him lifted up on the cross. How do people see that you are dependent on God? List three areas in your life where you are totally dependent on God. List three areas where you are not.

3. Luke 22:43-44 – At this moment in Jesus’ life, He does not have the strength to carry on. He tells His disciples that His soul is “overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death” (Matthew 26:38). Jesus would not have been able to fulfill God’s will for His life! But God sent an angel to strengthen Him. What an example of love on the part of the Father, and dependence on the part of the Son!

Jesus understood that in order to have a strong, vibrant relationship with God, He needed to be totally dependent on Him. He looked to His Father for the strength He needed to fulfill the mission God gave Him. No one can argue with the results of Jesus’ dependence on God, because it resulted in our salvation. The lesson we need to learn is that we must depend on God totally if we are to fulfill His will for our life. Independence only leads to sin!

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