8-Jesus and His Friends

Day 8: Jesus and His Friends

An Intimate Walk with Jesus – A 30 Day Quiet Time Series
Text: John 15:14-15

Assignment: Make a list of the Christians or non-Christians you are trying to befriend.

Lesson to Learn: Jesus, the Son of God, needed close friends in His life.

Sometimes it would be easy to see Jesus as a strong, independent man, never needing friends in His life. This would be a huge misunderstanding of the character of Jesus. He not only wanted close friendships, He needed them. Peter, James, John, Lazarus, Mary and Martha were all close friends who provided emotional support to the Son of God. Could you imagine being able to claim Jesus as a close, personal friend? Imagine having Jesus call you up on the phone to just chat? Imagine hanging out with Him at a dinner party, a wedding or at a picnic? Imagine working together with Jesus in furthering God’s Kingdom? Imagine evangelizing with Jesus or having personal Bible studies with your friend and Jesus leading the studies? This is how friendship should be in God’s Kingdom. In this lesson we will see Jesus and the relationship He had with His friends. And of course, from this we can make applications to our own lives.

1. John 15:14-15 – Jesus viewed His disciples as His friends. He didn’t see them as projects or as spiritually unequal. He saw them as men who needed to be trained and taught. But most of all, He saw them as friends. Jesus shared everything with them that His Father had taught Him. Do you see those whom you mentor as your close friends? Or do you see those whom you mentor as people that have been “dumped” upon you by your leaders? Do you share everything with those whom you mentor?

2. Luke 22:14-16 – Jesus is about to go to the cross. He knows it. Before He faces His death, what He wants most is to spend time with His closest friends. That is why He tells them: “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer“. He needed His emotional needs to be taken care of by His friends. When you are feeling emotionally down, with whom do you desire to be?

3. John 11:3, 5, 36 – Jesus didn’t just have close relationships with His disciples, but also with others. Lazarus, Mary and Martha were dear friends that He went to see often. He was often over at their house eating and fellowshipping with them (John 12:1-3Luke 10:38-42). Do you have close relationships others within the Body of Christ? Who do you feel close to that is not within your mentorship meetings?

4. Luke 19:1-10 – Jesus was able to make friends quickly with those people who were not Christians. He was able to pull both the rich and the poor into His life. Zacchaeus, a wealthy, chief tax collector vowed to pay back four times the amount he was expected to. He was excited because Jesus had become his guest. By that gesture, Jesus was basically telling Zacchaeus: “I want to be your friend”. Jesus was not afraid to make friends with non-Christians. Do you feel uncomfortable calling non-Christians “friends”? Jesus also did this with Matthew (Luke 5:27-32).

Friendships are very important to all people. Life is more fun when we have close friends to share it with. Jesus needed friends in His life and so do we. We must always be making new friends so we can win them for the Lord. In the process we will also have our own emotional needs met as these friends are added to our life.

During these stressful times, we want to offer our prayers and encouragement to any who are interested. Our leaders are available to help, please let us know by emailing info@nulllicoc.org.