9-Jesus and Openness

Day 9: Jesus and Openness

An Intimate Walk with Jesus – A 30 Day Quiet Time Series
Text: Matthew 26:36-46

Assignment: Make a list of feelings or emotions you have not been open about and share them with a close, spiritual friend.

Lesson to Learn: Jesus was very real about His feelings and emotions, but He never allowed them to keep Him from obeying His Father.

It is hard to imagine that Jesus had feelings that were negative or He had an unhappy or an emotional day. It’s easier to see Him in control of every emotion or negative thought or that He was always upbeat, happy and above the feelings which so easily ensnare us. This picture is inaccurate! He was a man. As such, He had to wrestle with the emotions that come with being human. “But we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are –yet was without sin” (Hebrews 4:15). This is proof of the fact Jesus had to deal with His emotional nature but would not give in to it. There is great comfort in knowing that Jesus understands how difficult it is to control human emotions. What is also encouraging is to know that Jesus never pretended to be something He was not. He was always very honest and open about how He was feeling! He was not superficial or fake about the challenges He faced. He shared those feelings with the people He was close too. This was so He could overcome those feelings and not submit to them. In this lesson we are going to examine the way that Jesus was so real about His feelings, but how He never allowed those feelings to keep Him from obeying His Father.

1. John 11:33-35 – Jesus was “deeply moved in spirit and troubled“. He was not a rock that was impervious to feeling pain. He was a very compassionate man who saw the pain of His friends, Mary and Martha and responded to it. His tears are real. They are the tears of a man who loves people deeply and can feel the pain of others. As a man, He is not afraid to be emotional. He saw tears as a part of life. Just imagine the Son of God crying because you lost a loved one. Are you afraid of emotion in your life? Do you find it hard to empathize with someone who is hurting? Do you cover up your pain so no one will see it?

2. John 13: 21-27 – It is but a few hours before His death at this point. He knows that Judas will betray Him. In anguish, He tells all what He knows and what He is feeling. Jesus had to feel the pain of knowing that Judas, His friend, was about to betray Him for money. But He is open about this with His disciples. He doesn’t hide it or ignore it. He shares it. When you are hurt, how do you react? Do you pretend that there is no pain? Do you act like everything is all right?

3. Matthew 26:36-46 – Jesus tells His friends that He is so sad that He could physically die. The challenge of the cross weighs heavily upon Him at this moment. He is emotionally honest with His disciples. He needed their moral support, but their exhaustion prevented them from being of any help. Jesus didn’t deny His feelings. He shared his feelings and prayed about them. But despite His challenges, He obeyed God’s will for His life. We must learn to be real with the challenges we face as Christians. Be open and honest about them. Pray about them and then obey God’s will for your life.

Jesus was very real with His feelings and emotions. He never allowed them to keep Him from doing what God wanted but that did not prevent Him from sharing those feelings with the people He loved. We must learn to have this balance in our lives if we are to face the challenges that God has laid out for us. Sometimes, by denying what we feel, we give the devil an opportunity to create bitterness or hypocrisy in our lives. This can never be. Always be open! And obey God!

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