The term “Christian/Christians” appears a total of three times in the New Testament. On the other hand, the term “Disciple/Disciples” appears over 270 times in the New Testament. A disciple “disciplines” himself/herself under the teachings of another. In this case, a disciple of Christ disciplines himself/herself under the teachings of Christ.

I. Read Acts 11:25-26

1. Which term is used mostly in the world today: Disciple or Christian? __________________.

2. The disciples were first called ___________ by the people of Antioch.

3. Since a disciple is a Christian and a Christian is a disciple, can a person be a true Christian and

not be a disciple? _______.

II. Read Matthew 28:18-20

This passage is known as “The Great Commission.” In verse 19, the Greek word used there is “methetes,” which translates into the word “disciple.” Literally, Jesus is saying: “Go and disciple all nations…” A disciple is a student. In fact, the word “disciple” means “student.”

1. According to verse 19, Jesus wants everyone to become His ___________.

2. According to verses 19-20, a disciple is made by:

a. __________________________________ and

b. __________________________________.

III. Read Mark 16:15-16

This is Mark’s rendition of the Great Commission. This passage gives us greater detail as to what must be shared if one is to “go and make disciples.” In verse 15, the Greek word used there is “euggalion,” which translates into the word “good news” or “gospel.”

1. According to verse 15, what must be preached to all people? _________________________.

2. What do you think the Gospel (good news) is? _____________________________________.

IV. Read Luke 9:23-26

1. If anyone wishes to come after Jesus and be His true disciple, what three things must they must

be willing to:

a. _________________________________

b. _________________________________

c. _________________________________.

2. What does “he must deny himself” mean? ________________________________.

3. Therefore, a true disciple lives to please __________.

4. What does “he must take up his cross” mean? _______________________________.

5. Is being a disciple more valuable than gaining all the riches of the world? ____.

6. If any one is ashamed to take about Jesus and His words, Jesus will be ____________________.

V. Read Matthew 7:21-27

1. If a person calls Jesus “Lord,” does that automatically means he/she is saved? _______.

2. From verse 21, who will enter the kingdom of heaven? ________________________________.

3. The wise will hear the word of God and ____________________________________________.

4. The foolish will hear the word of God but __________________________________________.

VI. Read John 8:31-34

1. Jesus’ true disciples are those who ______________________________________________.

2. According to verse 32, if a person follows the word of God, he/she will know the ___________.

3. The truth will set that person ________.

VII. Read 1John 2:4-6 (First John is near Revelation)

1. If a person claims to know Christ, yet does not do what He commands, that person is a _______

and _______________________________.

2. According to verses 5 and 6, who are His true disciples? ______________________________.

VIII. Read Luke 6:46

1. If a person is going to make Jesus “Lord” of his/her life, he/she must ___________________.

IX. Read Hebrews 5:9

1. Jesus saves those who ___________________.

X. Read Luke 14:25-34

The Greek word for “hate” is “miseo,” which means “to love less.” People tend to be influenced by those whom they love the most. Unfortunately, many people are influenced more by their family, friends, or preachers than the Word of God itself.

1. According to verse 26, must a disciple love Jesus more than his closest relationships? _______.

2. According to verse 33, must a disciple give up everything to follow Christ? ______.

3. Does Luke 14:26, 27 and 33 describe you? _____.

XI. Read Matthew 7:13-14 & Luke 13:23-24

1. How many will enter the gate to eternal life? _____.

2. Today, many preachers teach a watered-down message of salvation, but according to Jesus, is the

road to eternal life easy? _______.

3. According to Jesus in Luke 13:24, what must a person do? _____________________________.

4. Will many enter the narrow gate? _____.

Today, many, loosely, use the term “Christian.” However, Jesus calls those who wish to be saved to become His disciples. A disciple is one who is being disciplined under the teachings of Christ. A disciple’s goal is to live for Jesus and to please Him (2Cor. 5:9-10; 1Peter 4:1-2) and teaches others to do the same (Matthew 28:19-20). True Bible Christianity is a cross-carrying, path of self-denial. Few seek to be disciples. Many people would rather hear lessons that are comfortable and less challenging. Paul said in 2Timothy 4:3 that in the last days, people will not put up with sound doctrine (teaching), but will seek teachers that will tell them what they want to hear. Seek the way of the Lord, not the way that is easy!

What has the Lord taught you in this study?

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