The term “faith” comes from the Greek word “pistis,” which means “to trust” or “to believe.” There is a difference between “believing in God” and “believing God.” A person who BELIEVES IN God acknowledges His existence. A person who BELIEVES God accepts what God says without question, and carries out God’s commands.

I. Read Romans 10:17

1. Where does faith come from? ____________________________________.

2. Therefore, can a person have true faith without being familiar with God’s Word? _____.

II. Read James 1:21-22

1. Is hearing (or reading) the Word of God enough? ________.

2. What must one do? _________________________________________.

3. Therefore, if a person has true faith, he/she will ________________________________.

III. Read Joshua 6:1-20 and Hebrews 11:30

1. Did the people BELIEVE God? _________.

2. How did they show their belief? ______________________________.

3. Did the walls fall before or after they obeyed the Word of the Lord? __________.

4. According to Hebrews 11:30, did the walls fall because they had faith in what God said? __________.

5. Therefore, what is true faith? ______________________________________________.

IV. Read Genesis 12:1-5 & Genesis 22:17-18

1. Did Abraham believe God? ________

2. According to Genesis 22:17-18, why did God bless Abraham? ________________________________.

3. Did Abraham merely hear the word of God OR did he obey the word of God? ___________________.

V. Read Genesis 22:1-14

1. Did Abraham believe God? ________.

2. What was he ready to do? _______________________________________.

3. Did Abraham question God’s command? ______.

4. Did Abraham delay in obeying God’s command? ____.

5. Is your faith like the faith of Abraham? ____.

Romans 4:12 says we are to follow in the steps of the faith of our father, Abraham. Anyone could say “Jesus is Lord,” living it is another story (see Matthew 7:21-27).

VI. Read James 2:14-26

1. According to verses 21-23, when was Abraham considered righteous? __________________________.

2. Did Abraham BELIEVE God? ______.

3. Abraham was called a ________________.

4. A person who hears and obeys God’s Word is considered to be God’s ____________ (see John 15:14).

5. According to James 2:24, is a person justified by “faith alone?” _______.

6. Therefore, if a person says: “We are justified by faith alone,” are they speaking the truth? _______.

7. According to verse 22, what is true faith? ___________________________.

8. According to verse 26, faith without deeds is _________.

VII. Read Hebrews 5:9

1. Jesus saves those who _____________________.

2. Therefore, what does it mean to have faith in Christ? ___________________________________.

Faith comes from hearing the Word of God. True faith obeys God. Abraham believed God and obeyed God. Joshua believed God and obeyed God. A true believer will believe God’s Word and obey God’s Word.

What has the Lord taught you in this study?

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