The Bible says God “…has fixed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness through a Man whom He has appointed, having furnished proof to all men by raising Him from the dead” (Acts 17:31 NASB). The Bible goes on to say that “we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may be recompensed for his deeds in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad” (2Corinthians 5:10 NASB).

What does the Bible say regarding the fate of those who do not follow Christ? What will happen to those who do not believe? What will the outcome be for those who have given up on Christ or have lived in hypocrisy?

I. Read 2Thessalonians 1:5-10

1. According to verse 8, when Jesus returns, who will He punish? Those who ___________________ and those who ________________________________.

2. According to verse 9, these will be punished with __________________________________________.

3. In Lesson Six, “The Gospel,” we learned that the gospel is the good news of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ (1Corinthians 15:1-4). According to Mark 16:15-16 and Romans 6:3-4, how does one obey the gospel? _______________________________________.

II. Read Ephesians 5:5-6

Keep in mind that this passage is addressing the believers.

1. According to verse 5, what will happen to those “believers” who live in such a manner?


2. From verse 6, must we be careful not to be taken by the smooth talk of false teachers who try to say there is no danger in practicing these things as a Christian? _____.

Note: We learned in Lesson Ten that false teachers turn the grace of God into a license for immorality.

3. According to verse 6, the wrath of God will fall on the _________________________________.

III. Read Hebrews 10:26-29

This passage uses the “we” pronoun. It is addressing the believers, not those outside of Christ.

1. According to verse 26, what will happen if a believer continues to willfully and deliberately sin?


2. According to verse 29, what are those who continue to willfully sin doing?


3. According to verse 27, what will happen to such people? _______________________________.

IV. Read Matthew 25:31-46

1. According to verses 34-40, the “sheep” are the righteous ones who ________, _________, ___________, __________, ___________ and ___________ the brothers and sisters of Christ.

2. Therefore, whatever a person does to any of Christ’s true followers, they are doing it to _______________.

3. Who are the “goats?”________________________________________________________.

4. According to verse 46, the “goats” will go into ___________________________ while the “sheep” will go into _____________________________.

V. Read Matthew 7:21-27

There are many people who call Jesus “Lord.” Here, Jesus gives us a picture of what will happen at Judgment Day.

1. According verses 21-23, why were these souls denied access into Heaven? ______________________.

2. Therefore, who will enter the kingdom of Heaven? _________________________.

VI. Read John 15:1-9

1. According verses 2-6, what will happen to the fruitless disciple? _____________________________.

2. According verse 9, what is the sign of a true disciple? _____________________________.

VII. Read Romans 2:7-8

1. To whom will God grant eternal life? __________________________________________.

2. Who will suffer wrath? _____________________________________________________.

VIII. Read Revelation 20:13-15 (cf. Romans 2:6)

1. From Revelation 20:13, how will people be judged? ______________________________________.

IX. Read Revelation 21:8

1. What will happen to those who live in such a way? __________________________________.

X. Read James 1:12

1. According to this passage, those who make it through the trials will ____________________________.

There is an old hymn that goes like this: “Judgment is surely coming, coming to you and me, we will be judged that morning for all eternity; some will go into Heaven, others will be denied; will you be in that number standing outside?”

Unbelief, ungodliness, hypocrisy and unfruitfulness — if not truly repented of — will cause a soul to be denied by the Lord. So let us do as Jesus said and “strive to enter by the narrow door for many…will seek to enter and will not be able.” (Luke 13:24 NASB)

What has the Lord taught you in this Bible lesson?

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