In Lesson 1: The Word of God, we learned of the people of Berea (the Bereans) and how they searched the Scriptures daily to make sure what they were being taught was true (Acts 17:10-11). We must be like the Bereans and test everything we hear with Scripture. We also learned that true faith involves hearing, believing and obeying the Word of God. A person who has faith will readily accept what the Word says.

In Acts 8:12, Philip preached to the people regarding the good news of the Kingdom of God and the good news of Jesus Christ. In Lesson Eight, we will learn of the Kingdom of God, but first, let’s start with the good news of Jesus Christ…

I. Read 1Corinthians 15:1-4

The word “gospel” comes from the Greek word “euaggelion,” which means, “good news.”

1. According to verses 3-4, what three events make up the gospel (good news)?

a. ______________________________

b. ______________________________

c. ______________________________

II. Read 2Thessalonians 1:7-10

1. According to verse 8, when Jesus comes again, who will He punish? Those who do not know God and

those who do not obey the what? ________

III. Read Mark 16:15-16

1. What did Jesus command His disciples to do? Go and preach the what? _________

2. According to verse 16, who will be saved? He who ___________ and is ____________

3. Therefore, how does one obey the gospel (good news)? ____________________________________

IV. Read Ephesians 1:7

1. What redeems us to God and forgives us of sin? ________________.

Since Christ shed His blood at His death, let us see how we get into Christ and into His death…

V. Read Romans 6:3-4

1. According to verse 3, how does one get into Christ? _____________.

2. The blood of Christ redeems us to God and forgives us of sin. Christ shed His blood at His death.

According to verse 3, how does one get into Christ’s death? ________________

3. According to verse 4, a person is buried with Christ into His death through ____________.

4. Afterwards, that person rises up from the waters of baptism to walk in _______________________.

Baptism is a burial, not a sprinkling or a pouring. True Bible baptism is when a person, who believes the good news (gospel), is buried in water.

VI. Read Colossians 2:11-12

1. According to verse 12, at what point does Jesus circumcise (cut away) a person’s sins? When they are buried with Him in what? __________________________________________

It is good to note that most church groups today teach that a person comes into Christ and is circumcised by Him by praying Jesus into them. But as you can see, the Bible teaches differently.

VII. Read John 3:3-5

1. In order for a man to be born again, he must be born of __________ and __________ to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

VIII. Read Matthew 16:13-19

1. After Peter confessed Jesus as being the Christ, the Son of the Living God, what did Jesus give to Peter

in verse 19? The keys of the __________________

2. Generally speaking, what are “keys” used for? _______________________________________

3. Judging from John 3:5, the “keys to the kingdom” involves both ________ and _________.

4. Since Jesus gave Peter the “keys of the Kingdom,” who will be the first to tell people how to specifically enter the Kingdom? __________________.

Let us see if the Bible is consistent…

IX. Read Acts 2:36-41

1. When the people wanted to be saved, what did Peter, the man given the keys of the Kingdom, tell them to do to be saved? ___________________ and be ________________.

2. The word “repent” comes from the Greek word “metanoeo,” which means “think differently”” A change in mind leads to a change in action. Therefore, a person who truly repents will leave the life of sin and follow the ways of God. Peter then tells the people to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness (or remission) of sins (born of water) and they will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (born of Spirit). Do you see the consistency between John 3:5, Matthew 16:19 and Acts 2:38? _______

3. According to this verse, give the two reasons why a person is to be baptized?

a. ________________________

b. ________________________

Note: The reason why baptism is for the remission (forgiveness) of sins is because, as Colossians 2:11-12 indicates, Jesus circumcises a person when they are buried with Him in baptism.

4. Does Acts 2:38 say, “repent and be baptized as a public demonstration of faith?” _____.

5. Does Acts 2:38 say, “repent and be baptized as an outward sign of an inward grace?” ______.

New Testament Examples of Conversions

Note: Asking Jesus to come into one’s heart to be saved is commonly taught in most churches today. It is called the Sinner’s Prayer. Is this what the Bible teaches? Let us see if it does…

X. Read Acts 8:12, Acts 8:26-38 & Acts 16:25-33

1. What did you notice in all these examples of conversions? What did they do immediately upon hearing and believing the gospel? ______________

2. Did any of these examples show people saying a prayer, asking Jesus to come into their hearts? ____.

3. Do all these examples of conversions match up to what Jesus said in Mark 16:15-16? ______.

XI. Read Acts 19:1-5

1. After Paul explained the purpose of John’s baptism, what did these do? _______________.

2. Therefore, does it matter what baptism we receive? _____.

3. Acts 2:38 says be baptized for the remission (forgiveness) of sins. If a person was NOT baptized for the forgiveness of sins, should they get re-baptized as these in Acts 19:1-5 did? _______

XII. Read Matthew 4:3-9

Jesus used Scripture to refute Satan. The Word of God destroys the lies and “half truths” of Satan. In verses 6-7, Satan tried to use Scriptures against Scripture, causing Jesus to say, “Again, it is written…” or “it is ALSO written…” We must do the same. Whenever a person tries to use Scripture against Scripture, simply do what Jesus did and say, “It is also written…” then quote another passage, such as Acts 2:38 or Mark 16:16.

XIII. Read Acts 22:16

1. According to this verse, a person calls on the name of the Lord when they are ___________________.

2. What is the Lord telling you to do here? _________________________.

What has the Lord taught you in this Bible lesson?

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