There are a lot of people in the world today who say we must judge things according to the feelings in our heart. They say “let your feelings be your guide.” They would have us judge someone as a very holy individual simply because that is the way they appear on the outside. There are people who believe their way is right simply because it seems to be right to them. Some would tell us that we must find our way from within ourselves. Are they right? Has God left us without a more specific guide? Is the heart to be trusted? Can we trust our feelings? What does the Bible say?

I. Read 1Samuel 16:6-7

1. Did Samuel judge Eliab to be God’s anointed based on his appearance? _____.

2. Did God tell Samuel he shouldn’t trust in outward appearances? ___________.

3. Did God reject a person who appeared to be God’s anointed? _______________.

4. Does God look at people the way man does? ______.

5. What do people usually look at? ____________.

6. What does God look at?___________.

II. Read Jeremiah 17:9, 10

1. How deceitful is the heart? __________________.

2. Is the heart something good or wicked? __________.

3. Can a person understand the heart? ___________.

4. Can we trust in something that is wicked? _______.

5. Who knows the heart of man? ________________.

6. On what basis does God reward us? ____________.

7. Therefore, does God reward us according to what feels right in our hearts? ____.

III. Read Jeremiah 13:1-10

1. From verse 10, what does God call people who walk in the stubbornness of their hearts? ___________.

2. Are those who walk according to their hearts useful to God? ___.

IV. Read Jeremiah 10:23 & Proverbs 20:24

1. Can a man’s way be found within himself? _______.

2. Who directs a man’s steps? ___________.

V. Read Proverbs 16:1-5

1. Are the plans of the heart from God or from man? ______.

2. Where do we get our answers from? _________.

3. What will happen to those who are proud in heart? ______________________.

VI. Read 2Kings 5:1-14

1. From verse 10, was Naaman told to do something very specific? ____________.

2. Was Naaman very angry when he was told what to do in order to be healed by God? ____.

3. Did Naaman had his “own” thoughts on how God was going to heal him? ______.

4. Was Naaman healed prior to doing God’s will? _____.

5. Therefore, must we do things God’s Way in order to receive His blessings? ____.

6. When was Naaman finally healed?_______________.

7. If Naaman would have gone to a different river, would he have been healed? _______.

8. If Naaman would have dipped 4 times, would he have been healed? ________.

9. Therefore, does a person have the right to change what God says in order to suit his or her own

thoughts and beliefs? ______.

10. Should we, then, listen to the Word of God and not question it? _____________.

11. What did this example teach you personally? ______________________________________.

VII. Read Isaiah 55:7-9

1. Is it necessary to us to forsake our ways and thoughts in order to receive mercy from God? _______.

2. Does God pardon freely those who forsake their own way? _____________.

3. From verse 8, are our thoughts the same as God’s thoughts? _____.

4. Are our ways the same as God’s ways? ___.

VIII. Read Proverbs 28:26

1. What does God call those who trust in their heart? ___________.

2. Who will be kept safe or delivered? __________.

IX. Read John 12:48

1. Will we be judged according to how sincere we were or by the Word of Christ? __________________.

X. Read Proverbs 16:25

1. Can a man’s way seem right to him? ____________.

2. Can that way lead to death? ______________.

3. Therefore, can a person who thinks he’s doing right be actually doing wrong? _____________.

XI. Read Galatians 1:13-15 & Acts 26:9-15

1. Was Paul a faithful follower of Judaism? _______.

2. Did Paul persecute the church of God and try to destroy it? ________.

3. Was Paul zealous for what he thought was right in God’s sight? ______.

4. However, was Paul wrong in persecuting the Christians? _______.

5. Although Paul sincerely thought he was doing right, was he wrong in the sight of God? _____.

6. Was Paul actually persecuting God? _____.

7. Therefore, does being sincere automatically make you right with God? _____.

There is an old saying that says: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

XII. Read Luke 8:4-15

1. From verse 15, those with a noble (honest) and good heart will hear and retain the ________________.

XIII. Read Hebrews 4:12

1. Is the Word of God able to judge the heart? _____.

A person who really loves the Word of God will accept what it says without fighting it and getting mad. How a person response to the Word of God determines whether or not they believe God.

The Bible clearly says that we are to love the Lord with all our hearts (Deut. 6:5). We are to trust God and His word “with our hearts,” and not put our trust “in our hearts.” It isn’t ‘in the heart’ a man believes, resulting in righteousness; it is “with the heart” man believes, resulting in righteousness (Rom. 10:10).

What has the Lord taught you in this study?

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