The Word of God is the source of faith. Romans 10:17 says faith comes from hearing the Word of God. It is also called the truth (John 17:17) that sets men free (John 8:32). It is known as the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17) by which we can protect ourselves against false teachers and deceptive teachings. The Bible also allows us to learn of the true God and His will for us.

I. Read 2Timothy 3:14-17

1. From verse 15, what are the Scriptures able to make us wise for? ________________________.

2. Therefore, if a person wants to learn of how to be truly saved in Christ, to where should they go? ____________________________________.

3. From verse 16, how much Scripture is inspired (breathed) of God? _________.

4. Therefore, should a person accept and believe every verse in the Bible? ___________________.

5. From verse 16, what are the Scriptures useful for?

a. _______________________________

b. _______________________________

c. _______________________________

d. _______________________________

6. From verse 17, what will the Scriptures be able to do for the man of God? ____________________________________________________.

II. Read 2Peter 1:19-21

1. From verse 19, should one pay attention to what the Scriptures have to say? _______.

2. According to verse 20, did Scripture come by a person’s own interpretation? ______.

3. Therefore, are the Scriptures subject to personal interpretation? ____.

III. Read John 12:48

1. What will Christ use to judge those who reject Him and His words? ____________________________.

2. Will God use the Scriptures to judge those who reject what it says? _______.

IV. Read Hebrews 4:12

1. Is the word of God dead or alive? _________.

2. What is it sharper than? ___________________________________.

3. What is the word of God able to judge? _____________________________________.

4. If a person response negatively towards any of God’s teachings, is that person a true believer? ______.

V. Read Acts 2:36-47

1. After hearing the Word of God through Peter, the apostle of Jesus Christ, did these people response in a positive fashion? ________. 

VI. Read Acts 5:29-33

1. After hearing the Word of God through Peter, the apostle of Jesus Christ, did these people response in a positive fashion? ________.

VII. Read Luke 8:11-15

1. According to verse 15, what type of heart welcomes the Word of God? _______________________.

So as you can see, depending on the heart of a person, the word of God will either be welcomed or rejected. As Hebrews 4:12 says, the Word of God is able to judge the attitude of a person’s heart.

VIII. Read Mark 7:1-9

1. Did Christ’s followers follow man-made religious traditions? _________.

2. According to verses 8 and 9, what did these spiritual leaders do? ______________________________.

3. According to verse 6 and 7, those who practice man-made religious rules worship God in __________.

4. Therefore, if a preacher preaches something that is not found in Scripture, should we believe him? ___.

IX. Read Acts 17:10-11

1. What did the people of Berea (the Bereans) do that was commendable? They eagerly accepted the message and they ________________________________.

2. Therefore, should we test what spiritual leaders say with Scripture? ______.

3. How often did these Bereans examine the Scriptures? _________.

X. Read Psalm 119:11

1. Why should we hide the Word of God in our hearts? _______________________________.

XI. Isaiah 66:2

1. Does God esteem those who tremble at His word? _______.

2. Therefore, should we have utmost respect for God’s Word? _________.

XII. Read 2Kings 5:10-12

1. Did Naaman get mad when he heard the truth as to what he needed to do to be healed? _______.

2. Did Naaman question what God said? _______.

Naaman got upset because of his preconceived ideas regarding God’s ways. Preconceived ideas are a barrier to truth. We must allow the Word of God to shape and correct our beliefs. For as we learned in 2Timothy 3:16, the Scriptures are useful for correction as well as for teaching.

What has the Lord taught you in this Bible lesson?

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