The Coming of the Kingdom

The Coming of the Kingdom


Lesson 5

I.                   The Old Testament Predictions of the Kingdom

A.           Isaiah 2:1-3

1.   According to verse 2, when will God establish His Mountain? ____________

2.   Who will stream to His Mountain? ______________________

3.   According to verse 3, from what city will all this take place? ___________


B.           Daniel:

1.  Daniel 2:25-45 
             Note:  See Kingdom Illustration on page 11

   a. Who is the head of gold? __________________________________

Note: Nebuchadnezzar was the king of Babylon. The gold represented the Babylonian

          Kingdom. The silver was the Medo-Persian Kingdom, the brass (bronze) was the

          Grecian Kingdom and the iron was the Roman Kingdom. Therefore, each

          element of the image represented a kingdom. The iron mixed with clay was the

          divided Roman Kingdom.

                        b. Read verses 35 and 44. The rock that became a huge mountain represents the

                              ____________ of God.

c. Therefore, the mountain in Isaiah 2:2 was referring to the ____________ of God.

d. Read verses 40-44 carefully. During the days of which kings will God set up

His kingdom [Gold (Babylon); Silver (Medo-Persia); Bronze/Brass (Greece) or 
Iron (Rome)]?   ____________________

                                    Hint: notice the region where rock struck the image — see page 11

                        e. According to verse 44, how long will God’s Kingdom endure? ________


          2. Daniel 7:18

a.       Who will possess the kingdom of God? _________________


II. New Testament Predictions of the Kingdom

A. Jesus:
       1. Matthew 4:17

           a. According to Jesus, what was coming near (what was at hand)? ________________
                  Note:  Jesus, was preaching during the time when Rome (Iron) Kingdom was in power.

             2. Mark 9:1
                 a. According to Jesus, how was the kingdom going to come? ________________
                 b. According to this passage, was the kingdom going to come within the lifetime of

          those standing there (including His apostles)?  ______

             3. John 3:3-5
                 a. According to verse 5, how is the kingdom to be entered? By ______ and _______

             4. Matthew 16:16-19
          a. According to verse 19, what did Jesus give to Peter? ________________________

                 b. What are “keys” used for? _____________________________________________
                 c. Therefore, the “keys of the kingdom” allows a person to enter into the __________ 


III. The Fulfillment: The Kingdom Comes!
       A. Acts 2:1-4
            1. The day of Pentecost had come. In Mark 9:1, Jesus said the kingdom was to come with

                power. Is this a powerful event happening here in Acts 2:1-4? _____


       B. Acts 2:5
           1. Isaiah 2:2 spoke of “all nations” streaming to God’s chief mountain. According to

               Acts 2:5, who was present, devout men from where? ______________________

           2. Isaiah 2:3 spoke of God’s mountain originating from Jerusalem. According to 
               Acts 2:5, at what city was this powerful event taking place? _________________


      C. Acts 2:14-17
           1. Jesus said in Mark 9:1 that some standing in His presence would see the kingdom come

              with power. According to verse 14, who were present? _________________________

           2. Were Peter and the other apostles present with Jesus in Mark 9:1-2? _____

           3. Isaiah 2:2 said God was going to establish His chief mountain during the “last days”.

               According to verse 17, was this powerful event taking place in the last days? ______ 


      D.  Acts 2:38 
          1. In John 3:5, Jesus said a man must be born of water and Spirit to enter the kingdom.
           2. In Matthew 16:16-19, Jesus gave Peter the “keys of the kingdom”.
           3. In Acts 2:38, Peter tells the people to “repent and be _____________ (born of water)

               …and you will receive the gift of the _______________   (born of Spirit).


      E. Colossians 1:13-14
           1. Paul told the Colossian church that they had been rescued from the dominion of

               darkness and brought into the ________________ of God’s Son.
           2. Therefore, those in the Church are in the ________________ of God’s Son.


      F. Romans 1:7; Ephesians 1:1; Philippians 1:1
           1. Daniel 7:18 says the saints will possess the kingdom of God. The letters of Romans,

Ephesians and Philippians were written to churches. What did Paul address these 
church members as?  ________________

      G. Acts 2:42-47
           1. Those who belong to the kingdom devote themselves to….
                a.  _____________________________________________________
                b.  _____________________________________________________
                c.  _____________________________________________________
                d.  _____________________________________________________

           2. From verse 44, those who belong to the kingdom had ______________ in common.
           3. Do those who belong to the kingdom care for each other? ______

           4. From verse 46, what type of hearts do those of the kingdom have? ____________ and

               ___________ hearts.

           5. According to verse 47, who does God add to His Kingdom (Church)? ___________


       H. Matthew 6:33
            1. What must a true disciple of Jesus seek first? ______________ and _______________.


       I.  Hebrews 10:25
            1. Should we get into the habit of missing Church meetings? _____.


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