I. Matthew 1:21
A.     Why was He called “Jesus”?________________________________________________
II. John 3:16
A.     How did God express His love towards us? ____________________________________ B.     What must we do to have eternal life? ________________________________________ C.     What will happen to those who don’t believe in Christ? ___________________________
III. Mark 14:22-26; Matthew 26:28
A.     Jesus’ blood was poured out for many for the __________________________________
IV. Mark 14:32-41
A.     Was Jesus afraid of what was about to take place? _________ B.     What did He do three times? ______________ C.     What did He ask the Father to do, if possible? __________________________________
V. Mark 14:42-65
A.     Was Jesus false accused of crimes He didn’t commit? __________________________ B.     In addition to their false testimonies, what did they do to Jesus? ________________
VI. Mark 15:1-15
A.     Flogging involves being whipped with straps with bone and sharp metal in it. B.     Read Isaiah 50:6. When Jesus offered His back to those who beat (flogged) Him, what did they do to His beard? __________________________________________________ C.     Read Isaiah 52:14. When they were through flogging Jesus, did He look human? _______
VII. Mark 15:16-20
A.     Although He was beaten beyond recognition, what did they place on His head? ________ _______________________________________________________________________ B.     And what did they do to his thorn-crowned head? _______________________________ C.     Eventually, what did they do to our Lord and Savior? ____________________________ D.     Read 2 Corinthians 5:21. What did Jesus become for us? _________________________ E.      Why? __________________________________________________________________
VIII. Mark 15:33- 37
1. What did Jesus cry in a loud voice? ____________________________ 2. Read 2 Corinthians 5:21. What did Jesus become for us? _________________________
IX. Mark 16:1-7
A.     What happened to Jesus on the first day of the week (Sunday)? __________________
X. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4
A.     The word “gospel” means “good news” B.     According to verses 3-4, what three events make up the gospel of Jesus Christ?
  1. ______________________________________
  2. ______________________________________
  3. ______________________________________
XI. Isaiah 53:5-6
A.     Everywhere you see the pronouns “we”, “us” and “our”, put your name there! B.     Pray to God and thank Him for sending His Son to Earth to pay for your sins!
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