There are many reasons to fast, and petition the Lord about something, especially when dealing with something that seems so large, it’s completely and utterly out of our control. During the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some examples of why one might fast:

  • For God’s mercy and the virus to be contained swiftly.
  • For all across the world who have already lost loved ones through this virus.
  • For all brethren who have the coronavirus/ or flu-like symptoms –swift recovery & for it not to spread to others in their family.
  • All our health professionals and others on the frontlines – for protection, strength and the peace of the LORD.
  • Brethren who have lost their jobs (growing list)/ have had hours cut/ and those who are at risk of being laid off in the coming weeks.
  • Wisdom in decision-making for all in authority at the church, government and corporate levels.
  • That many across the world may turn to the LORD through this global trial.

As we look deeper into fasting, please see the following documents for guidance on how to fast, and a study with more information on what fasting is and how it can be beneficial:

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