Ministry Leaders (old)

Patrice Goumba

Minister of Finance

Brother Patrice’s role is to oversee the budgets and accounting of the church. He works closely with Ladi in meeting all the financial obligations of the church.

Rich Hill

Student Minister

Brother Rich’s role is to encourage, exhort and lead the students in our congregation into a rich, dynamic and engaging service to our Lord. He oversees activities, seminars, and services involving our high school and college-age students, ensuring they are connected to ministries of the church.

Sterling Patterson, Rayner Gomez and Victor Quaye

Worship Directors

Our brothers oversee every aspect concerning the program of our services, from announcements, Lord’s Supper service and media preparation; to the comfort, security and environment of our members and guests.

Jeffrey Jones

Song Service Director

Brother Jeffrey’s role is to prepare, teach and lead us in song to give glory to our God and King during our services.

Fred Brown

Evangelism Coordinator

Brother Fred is tasked with coordinating and providing opportunity for outreach with the members of the church and making sure visitors and potential members are well provided for in the church.

Danny Aponte

Communications Committee

Brother Danny oversees all aspects of printed and digital media that carries the branding of the church. He ensures consistent representation of the church on the internet, including our web page and social media channels; as well as any announcements, logos, signs and educational material.

Gerard Toughey

Children’s Ministry

Brother Gerard works closely with Robert Young overseeing the children’s education and services at the church, making sure all children are well connected and provided for.

Kirk Araya and Patrick Jules

Audio Visual Team Leaders

Our brothers in the AV Team oversee all aspects of transmission, broadcast and multi-media presentations. They work closely with the Worship Directors to ensure our members and guests have a seamless experience in their worship services. They also oversee our Facebook Live Streaming and YouTube channel/streaming.

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