Topical Bible Studies

Here’s a list of all the studies we encourage the disciples to have in their Bible’s as a chain reference. You can print this sheet and use it for yourself and those you mentor. Simply put a check in the column “Study Given” when you hand out the assignment, and then check “Completed” when the disciple has finished referencing the study in his/her Bible. Not all the studies are available in HTML format yet. As we update them and refresh them they will become available. The titles in the “Extra Reading Material” and “Scientific/Historical Evidences” have not been written by the Long Island Church of Christ and you may be able to find them on the Internet. Ask us for assistance in finding these titles.

Post Baptismal Curriculum



1- How to Study the Bible
2- The Word of God
3- The Heart FIRST STEPS
4- The Love of God EQUIPPING CLASS
5- Discipleship Philippians 3:1 Principle
6- The Coming of the Kingdom
7- Forgiveness of Sins
8- 40 Days in the Desert
9- An Intimate Walk with Jesus
10-Baptism Chain Reference Erroneous Doctrines of Salvation
11- Why Discipleship? (5 Agents of Discipleship)
12- The Church
13- Kingdom Doctrine
14- The Joy of Giving (On Contribution and Charity)
15- Baptism of the Holy Spirit
16- Armor of God Series
17- In His Footsteps Series
18- Wisdom’s Way
19- Judgment and our need to do it
20- A Spiritual Checkup
21- Church Discipline
22- Instrumental Music in Worship
23- False Prophets and Teachers
24- Study of Satan and his Character
25- Sabbatarianism/Significance of the Sabbath
26- Demonology
27- Self Control and the Fruit of the Spirit
28- Child Discipline
29- Does God Exist?
30- The Family
31- Fellowship and Maturity
32- Death and the Afterlife
33- Biblical Hermeneutics and Textual Interpretations
34- Christian Growth
35- Equipped to Love


Extra Reading Material


1- Crucifixion Facts – “On the Physical Death of Jesus
2- Dynamic Mentoring
3- Miracles of Christ vs. Modern Miracles
4- Providence of God
5- The One Minute Manager
6- The One Minute Manager Balances Work & Life
7- Deep Convictions


Apologetics — Scientific/Historical Evidences


1- Resurrection: Historical or Mythological?
2- The Bible & Science
3- The Revelation of God in Nature
4- The Compromise of Theistic Evolution
5- Origin Theories in Light of Reasonable Predictions
6- The Young Earth
7- Crucifixion Facts – “On the Physical Death of Jesus
8- Dynamic Mentoring
9- Miracles of Christ vs. Modern Miracles
10- Is Evolution Science?
11- Cosmic Evolution and the Origin of Life
12- Dinosaurs, Creationists, Science and the Bible
13- The Day-Age Theory
14- The Day-Day View
15- Genesis 1-11: Historical or Mythological
16- Providence of God
17- Scientific Evidences for the Bible’s Inspiration


During these stressful times, we want to offer our prayers and encouragement to any who are interested. Our leaders are available to help, please let us know by emailing